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Ladies, have you been asking the husband to take care of those broken items around the house and he just hasn’t had enough time to get to them. The Home Doctor can take care of all those Honey-Do-List items that have gone un-done around your home.


Guys, if you are considering taking on a new project and don’t know how or have the time to do the project in your home, well The Home Doctor can do it!

No Job is too small for The Home Doctor.

House Painting

Services Offered

Painting - Wood Repair - Flooring - Decks - Fencing - Flat Screen TV Installation - Surround Sound Installation - Phone Jacks - Drapery Installation - Crown Molding - Home Theatres – Shelving – Play Ground Sets - Swing Sets – Assembly of Furniture – Garage Opener Installation – Bathroom Remodeling – Kitchen Remodeling – Baby Nurseries – Storage Sheds – Sheetrock Repair – Toilets – Sinks - Security Cameras

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