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How to Measure your windows

 Measuring for INSIDE MOUNT: 
Provide the EXACT window opening size. DO NOT TAKE ANY DEDUCTIONS.

The factory will deduct approximately 3/8" to 1/2" from the width you designate so your product will not rub against the sides of your window.

Measure in 3 places (top, middle, and bottom) and use the NARROWEST measurement.

Measure in 3 places and use the TALLEST measurement, EXCEPT for vertical blinds and privacy sheer blinds (use the shortest measurement).

 Measuring for OUTSIDE MOUNT: 

When mounting blinds outside the window casing.

  1. Simply measure the width and length of the window in three places
  2. Remember it is only necessary to give the measurement to an 1/8 of an inch.
  3. Horizontal Blinds Add 3 inches to the width and length measurement.
    Vertical Blinds Add 4 inches to the width and 3" length measurement.

The factory will take NO deductions on outside mount blinds or shades.
You MUST add for overlaps.